• Weekly Mowing

    Weekly Mowing

    There is nothing like coming home to a neatly cut lawn.  Our crews will come once a week during the growing season (May thru October) to mow and trim the grass areas of your property.  Before leaving, we blow off all patios, walkways and driveways from all derbis.  
  • Sprinkler Systems

    Sprinkler Systems

    We will customize your sprinkler system to what areas are the most important to you.  Whether it’s the whole lawn, front lawn or just flower beds and gardens.  We use products from Hunter Industries.  Hunter is a top of the line product and has been a very dependable product for ...
  • Walkways


    There is nothing like a nice entrance to your home. We will customize the walkway of your choice using ideal pavers, bricks and Granite steps. There are many choices and colors to choose from.
  • Pruning


    Shrub pruning helps your landscape flourish. The structure, shape, flowering and overall appearance of your shrubs adds to the natural beauty of your property.
  • Spring Cleanups

    Spring Cleanups

    Spring Clean up consists of three primary steps. First, we dethatch your lawn. Dethatching loosens up dead grass and leaves that are matted down in your grass. It’s pretty much raking your lawn with metal tines.

Welcome to Yankee Clipper!

We have been providing superior service and more importantly education for local residents for many years. We have been a part community from fundraising for local kids programs, to helping beautify local landscapes.  When it comes to having a reliable, educated and caring staff, Yankee Clipper strives to server you.

Please give us a try you won’t be disappointed.

Seasonal Service

Now is the time to think about your spring clean-up. When we perform a spring clean-up we dethatch your lawn, clean out flower beds, clear your lawn of sticks and debris, and prepare it for the growing months.

Since we had a very dry winter and spring, you may want to consider installing a lawn sprinkler system. Call today for pricing.

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